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These are important documents regarding service.
If you like support from our helpdesk call: 0031-(0)73-6129717.

 1) MT 6000 instruction verification of coins
 2) MT 6000 manual
 3) MT 6000 test portions of instruction telcups / packaging
 4) MT 6000 Instruction expand learning function
 5) E-Vision calibration instruction with manual
 6) Multi-Count Manual
 7) Multi-Coin Count calibration instruction
 8) Multi-Count instruction set of a Samsung printer
 9) MT 6000 reset instruction (load defaults)
10) Count Easy calibration instruction coin

Resetting the Moneytronic Multicount (tip!)
Get your ticket holder off and remove the chip (black plate) and put it right back. You can find the chip next to the round plate at the top of the device. Your system normally starts right back up. Otherwise please contact our helpdesk.