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With regard to the terms of VAT, we refer you to the site of the Chamber of Commerce and Administration. The information below can be found at the site of the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands.

If you buy goods from a trader in another EU country, you can use the goods supplied VAT at 0% gain. You must pay intra-Community acquisition VAT. You bear the VAT via your regular VAT return.

Conditions for zero-tariff goods at 0% To get delivered, you must meet two conditions:
1. You're an entrepreneur subject to VAT. Your foreign supplier will ask for your VAT registration number. The supplier and will be your VAT identification number on the invoice number and your check to his own tax.
2. The goods must leave the country of your supplier. The delivery can prove with:
- The contract to the seller
- The order
- The supply contract
- The invoice
- The consignment (CRM document)
- Note the freight carrier
- The receipt

VAT on goods you collect yourselve.
If you collect the goods yourself from your dealer (pick one transaction), then the supplier can charege you tax of his country. In that case he has less assurance that the goods are actually going to leave his country. The foreign tax you paid, you can reclaim the tax authorities in the country. The Tax provides more information about this procedure, the conditions and thresholds.

Please note that you are responsible yourselve to have a good VAT adminstration.